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Mana [ˈmänə] NOUN

(especially in Polynesian, Melanesian, and Maori belief) pervasive supernatural or magical power.

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Creative Collaboration

As a creative, I knew that life meant more than just staying in the same area of expression. I wanted to experience life and I've been blessed to do so. That's why I'm interviewing other creatives who will teach me something that I can share with the world. From that, we will create a peace of magic together.


Food & Friends

Who doesn't love food? Growing up I was introduced to feasts and the reasons, I remember, were celebrations of life and good company. I want to create that tradition with loved ones, as we try food around Detroit.



With Love

Kotik means language in Lenca, which is an indigenous tribe in Honduras. It is an ode to Love Language and giving back to our village. We want to give back to everyone who is doing something better for the world. We are so proud of you and want to give thanks!